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A synthesizer patch book is a collection of preset sounds or patches for a synthesizer or digital instrument. These patches are typically created by sound designers and music producers and are designed to showcase the capabilities of the instrument or to provide a starting point for users to create their own sounds.

Using a synthesizer patch book can be a great way for users to explore the capabilities of their instrument and to discover new sounds and creative possibilities. They can also be a helpful resource for musicians and producers who are looking for a particular type of sound but don't have the time or expertise to create it from scratch.


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Korg MS20 Mini Drums Soundbook

Korg MS20 sound book

Author Matt Urmenyi

The MS-20 mini synth is a monophonic analog synthesizer developed by Korg. It is a smaller version of the original MS-20 synthesizer, which was first released in 1978. The MS-20 mini was released in 2013 and has since become popular among electronic musicians and producers.

The MS-20 mini features two voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), a voltage-controlled filter (VCF), two envelope generators, and a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA). It also includes a patch panel, which allows for complex sound routing and modulation possibilities.

The MS-20 mini is known for its distinctive sound, which can range from fat basses and aggressive leads to complex evolving textures. It has been used by many musicians in various genres, including electronic, rock, and experimental music. Its compact size and affordable price make it an accessible option for both beginners and professionals.

Matt Urmenyi made a cool book on how to implement MS20 Drums...So take it, implement it and share your PCG !!!

For the moment, enjoy tweaking !!!

Download MS20 Mini Drums Patches Book

Korg Polysix Soundbook

 Nautilus Polysix

The Polysix is a vintage analog synthesizer manufactured by the Japanese company Korg. It was first released in 1981 and was one of the first synthesizers to offer polyphonic capabilities (i.e., the ability to play multiple notes at the same time). The Polysix is a six-voice synthesizer that uses analog circuitry to generate its sounds, and it features two oscillators, a resonant low-pass filter, an envelope generator, and a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA). It also has a built-in chorus effect that can be used to add depth and dimension to its sounds.

The Polysix is known for its warm and rich analog sound, which has made it a popular choice among electronic musicians, particularly in the genres of synth-pop, new wave, and electronic dance music. It has been used by many prominent artists over the years, including Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode and Yazoo, and Thomas Dolby. Despite its vintage status, the Polysix remains a sought-after synthesizer among musicians and collectors, and its sounds can still be heard on many recordings today.


Here is a book to program your own patch on the Korg Nautilus !

Any Patches to share ? Send them HERE

Download Polysix Soundbook

Korg MS20 Soundbook

Korg MS20 sound book

Author Cyph

The MS20 is a classic monophonic analog synthesizer first introduced by the Japanese electronics company Korg in 1978. It is a highly regarded instrument among musicians and producers for its unique sound and powerful synthesis capabilities.

The MS20 features two voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), a voltage-controlled filter (VCF), and two envelope generators for controlling the VCF and VCA. It also has a patch panel that allows for extensive modulation options and creative sound design possibilities. The MS20 is often used for creating a wide range of sounds, from fat basses to complex leads and experimental soundscapes.

In addition to the original MS20, Korg has released several reissues and variations of the synth, including the MS20 Mini and the MS20 FS, which offer modern updates and improvements while maintaining the classic sound and functionality of the original instrument.


One of the first thing done on my Korg Nautilus was to make MS20 sound with the dedicated engine...

I was looking for existing MS20 patches for the Kronos and found a cool sound book to reproduce some famous patches directly on the Korg Nautilus.

If someone implement all of these "pictures patches", I will share the corresponding PCG file.

For the moment, enjoy tweaking !!!

Download MS20 Patches Book for Korg Nautilus

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