Sequencer : looping

Tips & Tricks

Author : Julius DeBerry

Our Nautilus features a powerful sequencer for recording, editing, and arranging MIDI and audio data. The sequencer is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create complex arrangements, loops, and patterns, and even supports the use of external MIDI devices.

The Nautilus sequencer can record up to 16 tracks of MIDI (and also audio) data simultaneously, and supports multiple recording modes, including step recording, real-time recording, and loop recording. It also features a powerful set of editing tools, such as quantization, note and event editing, and automation editing, that allow you to refine your recordings and arrangements to a high degree of precision.

The sequencer also features a variety of useful features for working with patterns and loops, such as the ability to create and manipulate patterns on the fly, and the ability to set loop points for repeating sections of your arrangement.

Do you want to see how to loop ?
Here is a video from Julius DeBerry describing the 2 functions : quick layer and quick split.
Thank you Julius !