Korg Nautilus EXs138

Korg Nautilus EXs138

Author : KAPRO & Nasa

Contents: Approximately 50MB of PCM samples (Requires approximately 4.4MB of virtual memory), 3 Stereo Multisamples, 6 Mono Multisamples, 3 Programs

In the EXs138 "Outer Space Ambience" Library, you will find sound effects associated with outer space missions, which partly went down in history.

All the samples are based on the original recordings from NASA, which were digitally edited in an elaborate manner by KApro. For the first time in history, all these samples are now available for the KORG KRONOS/NAUTILUS with a resolution of 16 bits and a sampling rate of 48 kHz.

"A small step …!"

An absolute MUST HAVE for every KRONOS/NAUTILUS user!

Note: The order of the factory Programs is arranged differently among NAUTILUS, KRONOS2, KRONOS X and the original KRONOS. This affects sounds which reference the factory Programs. Please download the file which matches your product model.



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