Nautilus STR-1 Engine


The STR-1 engine is a software synthesis engine that is available on some Korg synthesizers, such as the Korg Kronos and Korg Nautilus. The STR-1 engine stands for "Streaming Technology Resynthesis 1" and it is a type of synthesis that uses streaming technology to create new sounds.

The STR-1 engine is based on a technology called "vector synthesis," which allows for the creation of complex sounds by blending multiple sources of sound in real-time. The STR-1 engine uses streaming technology to achieve this blending of sounds, which allows for seamless transitions between different sounds and layers.

The STR-1 engine includes a large library of sounds that are based on a variety of acoustic and electronic sources, including pianos, guitars, drums, and synthesizers. These sounds can be combined and manipulated in real-time to create new and unique textures.

One of the unique features of the STR-1 engine is its ability to create "morphing" sounds, where the sound gradually changes over time in response to a control input. This can be used to create evolving soundscapes or to add expressive elements to a performance.

Overall, the STR-1 engine is a powerful tool for creating complex and dynamic sounds that go beyond the capabilities of traditional synthesis techniques.