PCG Tools

PCG Tools has been updated to support Korg Nautilus in the 3.2 version.

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What is PCG Tools?

PCG Tools is a free PC software application for Korg (c) Music workstations/synthesizers. The application is capable of handling mainly PCG files. These files are used for programs, combis and set lists, global information and more. PCG Tools is mostly a librarian, but it also has some editor functions.

PCG Tools can be used for:

  • Loading PCG files and navigating through the programs, combis, set list slots and drum kits.
  • Moving and sorting programs, combis and set list slots inside a PCG file.
  • Copying programs, combis and set list slots from one PCG file to another (not converting).
  • Edit names of programs, combis and set list slots.
  • Opening PCG files of different models simultaneously.
  • Creating all kind of lists in text, CSV, XML or HTML format showing the usage of banks, which programs are used by which combis or set list slots in various modes.
  • Creating lists of duplicate programs, combis and set list slots.
  • Creating patch lists for Cubase.
  • Moving empty programs, combis and set list slots to the end, compacting the bank(s).
  • For Kronos, editing the set list slot descriptions with use of Return characters (new lines).
  • Move timbres within a combi up or down.
  • Check some basic content of SNG files.
  • Lots more.

What can it NOT do?

  • Converting programs or combis from one model to another.
  • Editing all program or combi parameters.