Progressive Leader Collection for Korg Nautilus

Authors : Rustem Yanmishbash & Dmitry Yeryomin from Korg Ukraine, Kurzweiler & Korg !

This pack is a great "Leads" Collection to play progressive rock songs.

It was sent to us by Rustem Y. (Korg Ukraine) in order to be exclusively shared with you on kromeheaven and here.

It's a superb collection that every "Jordan Rudess" and "Derek Sherinian" fan should have !

If you have more sounds like these leads, do not hesitate to share with us, adding them to this collection !



Patches List

"Progressive Leader Collection"

P000 - DistortionEPRiff
P001 - Rudess' SnarlingPig
P002 - Sqeeky Riff-Lead
P003 - Distortion Piano Riff
P004 - Rudess' ToT Lead
P005 - Rock Leader 1 (Factory preset)
P006 - Rock Leader 2 (Factory preset)
P007 - Hi-Gain Lead
P008 - HarmDrive Lead
P009 - Expressive Lead
P010 - Rudess' LiquidTLead (by Kurzweiler)
P011 - Derek's Monster Lead
P012 - Derek's MetalManiac

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